Procedure for decorating wall with creative crafts : Cherry Blossom

You can now completely transform the look of your home without using one single nail, moving a piece of furniture or painting even just one inch of the wall. Using wall art, the exact effect you envision for your home can be completed in just a few minutes, minus the mess, hassle and excess costs of usual home renovation projects. Of course, you do not have to be a professional designer, an artist or a carpenter to do so. But it will be more perfect and attractive if you have relevant knowledge. And for that you have to know about Crafts And Decoration
A demonstration is given below within pictures and procedures of wall arts for the viewer.
Wall Art: Cherry Blossom                                                                   Work piece: 1   
Wall Art : Cherry Blossom


 For making the above design some necessary elements what you must be needed. These are – a copy of the selected design, glue, scissors, pencil, earaser, shurpner and the most important elements- pastle color, color offset paper and wall sticker.

At first, you have to select the portion of your wall, where you want to decorate. As well as you have to draw out the shape by a pencil or chalk that what image do you want to reflect on your wall.


For this design firstly, the branches of the tree has been drawn using a sharp pencil shown as above picture.

Then to draw the body of the tree you need pastle colors- black and navy blue( creating shade). Again bottle green, green and yellow for drawing the leaves.
Different sizes of flowers has been used here. The flowers has been made by using red and orange color offsets.To make flower shape you have to fold one offset paper in many parts. As for the big flower you need to fold one offset in 6 parts, for medium one need 8 parts and for the tiny flowers you need 16 parts shown as below.
After that draw flowers on the folded parts and cut it down according to the shape.
After that the small ones has been pasted on the big and medium ones to create shade color and to make them more attractive.
Then point out on the wall where you want to paste those flowers. At last using glue add those flowers onto the tree.
Here the butterflies are actually sticker butterflies of different shape. Finally, to get the better finishing select the desired places onto the wall to stick them around the tree and flowers.
So the ultimate design what will reflect on your wall will be like that.
Wall decoration
Through the entire process you can make your home unique. Here is another design of wall art.

Wall art : Attempt to escape                                                   Work piece: 2

Wall decorating
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