How to make a bow or ribbon using paper crafts : easy crafts

Have you wondering how to make a bow or ribbon using paper crafts? It is very easy to make a bow using paper crafts. Many people know bows as ribbons also. Bow ribbon can be made in several ways. In fact it takes minimum time and cost to make a bow folding and cutting papers. But the craft will look far more professional and beautiful than other ones. If you are new and don’t have any idea about paper crafts you can read this article more easily by the link mentioned below.

What is craft and paper craft? History and types of craft.

Now, we will know the procedures of making a bow /ribbon. 

Easy and simple, you just have to follow these steps to make a bow.

bow making elements

At frist, take necessary tools that you need like-
    1. 15cm square paper
    2. scissors
    3. scale glue
    4.  pencil

=> Then  fold two corner of the paper and after that fold rest of the two corner.

=>  It will crate four triangle shape. You have to cut one triangle.

=> Again fold two side of the paper.

=> Mark the place with pencil to cut it and cut according to marked shape.

=> Cut the shape according to fold part almost 9o% portion.

=>  Add some glue into the middle and other corners of the paper.

=> Put all corners into the middle and allow some light pressure using pencil until it becomes sticky.

=>  Add a small circle shape paper from another colored paper into the middle using glue.

=>Then draw the lower part as trianngle and cut the triangle.

Through the entire process you can make a bow easily. We made a video tutorial for you. You can watch the video for your better understand.

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