How to make a rose flower using paper crafts : easy craft

Make an imagination of flower and create that with in 5 minutes using paper . Here are few process to create a rose flower and you will find it in the easiest way  you have ever seen. Most of the tutorial for paper crafts are seems easy but hard to catch. When you see this tutorial you must feel to make it in a hurry. Because it is to easy to find your favorite moth. It’s too pleasant for us that if you learn, we feel proud.

Now, we will know the procedures of making paper Flower

Hear you have the soft light and natural processed to create Butterfly.

First of all take all essential tools that you need


1) 15cm or near about it square paper.

2) Scissors

3) Scale

4) Glue

• At First take one piece of square paper and fold it by adding two corners

• Again fold rest of the two corners and then fold the folded paper again and make a small     triangle shape.

• Place a coin above the triangle and mark with a pencil.

• Cut with scissors according to the marked shape and do the same thing for all piece of          paper and it will turn into a leaf

• Cut the leaf from downside (about 5%) and do this with rest of the leafs. It will make a          small circle in every leaf.


• Open the leaf and count every leaf have 8 part. After that cut one part from 1st leaf, 2 part    from 2nd and 3 part from 3rd

• Now add glue on one cut part and join them. Follow the same rule for every cut part

• Take all leafs and use pencil to shape it like real leafs.

• Now add some glue and place smaller leaf into into bigger one.

Through the entire process you can make a flower easily. We made a video tutorial for you. You can watch the video for your better understand.

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