Making Paper Butterfly Easiest Steps Ever For Room Decoration

As we already share with you the idea of making bow as well as making rose flower using paper. Today we will share the procedures of making paper butterfly easiest steps ever for room decoration. This process is very easy to undersatnd and you can make a paper butterfly with in a minutes

Making Procedures Of Paper Butterfly

At frist, take necessary tools that you need like-17622269_1301979329878291_8700608_o
     1. 10 cm square paper with your disired             colour 
      2. scissors

Steps :

  1. At frist, Fold the paper from one corner and add it with another corner.


2. Fold from another corner just like before

3. Again fold the paper horizontally and vertically

4. Now squeeze the paper and make a triangle as shown in the video

5. Cut the folded triangle from one corner

6. Now shape it like a butterfly as shown in the video

Through the entire process you can make a bow easily. We made a video tutorial for you. You can watch the video for your better understand.

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