Origami Star Flower Making For Wall Decoration – Easy Paper Crafts

There is nobody who doesn’t love flower. Every flower whatever it is real or artificial/paper make, we have a soft corner for flower. Flower have different uses in different occasion. Today we will know about the produres of Orimami star flower making for wall decoration. Very easy paper crafts which is really easy to make with in a minutes.

Procedures OF Orimamy Star Flower Making

Easy and simple, you just have to follow these steps to make a Origamy Star flower .
What you need for making origamy star flower
Elements that you need

At frist, take necessary tools that you need like- 
    1. 2 sheets of A4 size square paper
    2. Scissors
    3. Glue
    4.  Pencil and a Stone for decoration



Then, take one sheet and fold it into diagonal and again fold it and further fold it diagonally.

After that, Trim out or cut the extra side of paper

Now, do the same thing for another piece of A4 sheet paper

Again, fold them into diagonal shape one more time.

Mark out according to shape through pencil and trim out them .

Again, do the same thing for other paper as you want. You can cut it like this video / photos.

Now cut both the paper parallely two times before ending, as like this video

Unfold  both the papers and put this papers one above another like this way.

Add some glue into the center of both papers

Now pull upper paper middle part into center and add them into center with glue by this way.

Again pull other paper middle part and glue them like this way as shown in the video

Now, add a stone into middle with glue

Through the entire process you can make a origamy star flower easily. We made a video tutorial for you. You can watch the video for your better understand.

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